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The Cost of Trying To Time the Market

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The impact of missing just a few of the market’s best days can be profound, as this client-ready data visualization of a hypothetical investment in the stocks that make up the S&P 500 Index shows.

Navigating Geopolitical Events


Flexibility in Practice Navigating Geopolitical Events By Karen Umland Senior .. Navigating geopolitical events requires expertise and flexibility.

Bulls, Bears, and Long-Term Benefits of Stock Investing

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Stock returns are volatile, but nearly a century of bull and bear markets shows that the good times have outshined the bad times.

The Rewarding Distribution of US Stock Market Returns

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Annual stock market returns are unpredictable, but “up” years have occurred much more frequently than “down” years in the US.

Worried About Stocks? Why Long-Term Investing Is Crucial


Perspectives Worried About Stocks? Why Long-Term Investing Is Crucial ... Here’s the big question: Would you invest in the stock market knowing the following events were going to happen?


Perspectives ... The Difference Between a Forecast, a Wish, and a Worry ... That’s different from someone issuing a “forecast” for when the Dow will hit a certain number.

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Worried stocks may drop after a recession announcement? History shows markets incorporate expectations ahead of economic reports.


This Has Been a Test: Developing a Financial Plan You Can Stick With ... You’re probably better off expecting that markets do their job of capturing the human ingenuity taking place every day ...


Two Steps Forward, One Step Back for Investors ... Big Picture ... One of the most important principles of investing is being a long-term investor with an investment plan you can stick with.

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